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Environment Policy (TIA’s Commitment)

TIA Consulting is committed to ensuring that employees and sub-contractors comply with all Legislation, Policies, Codes of Practice, Standards, environmental protection and clean up orders.
As such we are committed to:

  • Providing services that encourage Environmental Care.
  • Educating staff and subcontractors on their responsibilities in regards to the environment and the need for energy efficiency.
  • Designing and constructing buildings that are Energy Efficient, have minimal impact on the environment and follow the relevant acts and standards.
  • Ensuring our Environmental Management Plan and system is adhered to for each project
  • Encouraging Staff and sub-contractors to employ work practices that minimize the production of waste, recycle materials, improve air quality and reduce green house gas emissions.
  • Using materials and products that are environmentally friendly and have minimal impact on the environment
  • Conducting preliminary assessments on projects to enable the best solution for environmental care.

We take great care in and endeavour in guaranteeing that generations to come can enjoy the environment as it is now.

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